DID YOU KNOW? The cost to install this size of turbine is estimated at £1,300,000 and would generate £287,000 gross revenue each year using 2014-5 FIT subsidy figures so the payback period will be only 4.5 years. This model is based on average wind speeds of 6 m/s where Bridgemoor is expected to see 8 m/s wind speed on average. Running costs account for 10-15% of gross revenue.   If a farmer builds the project himself, it will be eligible for Capital Allowances in the form of the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) at £500,000 until January 2016 so the capital cost of building it can be set against their farm income.   If the project is returning typically 15%, this additional tax reduction could return closer to 25%.                  

Source:   Farmers Weekly    http://academy.fwi.co.uk/Courses/Business/Farm-and-renewable-energy/Wind-power

MOREOVER, Up to 80% of the revenue stream for these wind turbines is paid through FIT subsidies at a rate guaranteed and inflation linked for the next twenty years. FIT funding is derived through your generosity and higher electrical bills! It will serve to harm the local tourism economy, decrease area house prices and affect wild life such as locally nesting peregrine and kestrels.

​​Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Cornwall Council issued a notice of Refusal on November 24, 2015 in relation to the Bridge Moor Wind

turbine, north east of Freathy (Cornwall Council Planning Reference PA15/08659).

No Rame Wind Turbines have been moved by the efforts of each and every one of you who collected

signatures, wrote in letters of support, engaged politicians, toiled or provided counsel and advice.

very big and sincere Thank you!  

Your efforts to preserve the Rame peninsula will be remembered and appreciated by generations to come.




Please write NORAMEWINDTURBINES@OUTLOOK.COM to join our community alert list.

Noise     Many residents living near wind farms have complained of noise disturbance, while studies have linked wind turbine noise to poor sleep and mental health. As well as the routine “swishing” noise of the blades spinning, turbines can sometimes produce “thumping” noises when sudden variations in the wind speed cause the blades to stall.
CPRE Campaign to Protect Rural England                 CPRE campaigns for a "sustainable future" for the English countryside.
Cornwall Protect CornwallProtect                                                Cornwall Protect protects the Cornish countryside and in particular are very concerned about the proliferation of wind turbines in Cornwall.
CPRE Cornwall                                   works very closely with CornwallProtect  –www.cornwallprotect.org.  CornwallProtect is an alliance of various groups in Cornwall opposed to the rash like spread of wind turbines/turbine applications across Cornwall – 400 new applications at the last count.
Community Energy Plus                   Community Energy Plus provides complete energy answers to help householders in Cornwall.
Wind Turbine                                       Wind turbines convert wind energy to electricity for distribution.
Sheryll Murray                                     Sheryll Murray Millbrook, Cornwall is a Conservative Party politician. She has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for South East Cornwall at Westminster since the 2010 General Election. Murray previously represented Rame as a Cornwall County Councillor and served as Leader of the Conservative Group on Caradon District Council, when a Councillor for Millbrook, prior to her election to Parliament.
Torpoint                                                is a civil parish and town on the Rame Peninsula in southeast Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is situated opposite the city of Plymouth across the Hamoaze which is the tidal estuary of the River Tamar.                                                                                    
St John                                                  parish is opposite Plymouth, separated from it by St John's Lake, an inlet of The Hamoaze in Plymouth Sound. St John parish is in the St Germans Registration District. To the north, the parish is bordered by St John's Lake and to the south by the sea. To the east, the parish is bordered by Millbrook, to the south-east by Maker-with-Rame and to the west by Antony parish.
Renewable                                           another type of renewable resources is renewable energy resources. Common sources of renewable energy include solar, geothermal and wind power, which are all categorised as renewable resources.                        
ANOB                                                    The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is Cornwall's Protected Landscape and has the same status and level of protection as a National Park
Kingsand                                              Kingsand lies on the shores of Cawsand Bay, with the South West Coast Path running through the village. The village coast, as well as the coast 1 km to the east forms the Kingsand to Sandway Point. The South West Coast Path passes through Kingsand.
Edgcumbe                                            Mount Edgcumbe House is a stately home in south-east Cornwall and is a Grade II listed building, whilst the gardens are listed as Grade I in the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. Mount Edgcumbe Country Park is situated in the parish of Maker on the Rame Peninsula, overlooking Plymouth Sound; its main entrance is in the village of Cremyll.
Anthony                                 Antony is a coastal civil parish and a village in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The village is situated on the Rame Peninsula about three miles west of Torpoint. Antony parish is bounded to the north by the tidal River Lynher (also known as the St Germans River) and to the south by the English Channel coast. To the east, the parish is bordered by Torpoint and St John parishes and to the west by Sheviock parish.
Millbrook                               Millbrook is a civil parish and village in southeast Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The village is situated on the Rame Peninsula four miles (6.5 km) south of Saltash.
Freathy                                  Freathy is a beach and coastal settlement on the Rame Peninsula in east Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. Freathy is accessible by the coast road along which runs the South West Coast Path. The majority of dwellings are north of the road on the plateau above Freathy Cliffs, while some chalets are sporadically situated on the cliffside above the beach below. During the summer, the beach is popular with visiting tourists
Electricity                             Electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from other sources of primary energy. The fundamental principles of electricity generation were discovered during the 1820s, electricity is generated by the movement of a loop of wire, or disc of copper between the poles of a magnet. For electric utilities, it is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumers.
Cawsand                              Cawsand and Kingsand are twin villages in southeast Cornwall, England, United. The village is situated on the Rame Peninsula and is in the parish of Maker-with-Rame. Cawsand overlooks Plymouth Sound and adjoins Kingsand, formerly on the border of Devon and Cornwall (the border has since been moved and now is situated on the River Tamar). Once a renowned smuggling village, Cawsand now has three public houses (the Cross Keys Inn, the Devonport Inn and the Halfway house Inn) and a hotel (the Cawsand Bay Hotel). Cawsand is within Mount Edgcumbe Country Park. There are frequent bus services to the city of Plymouth which is three miles to the north across Plymouth Sound. There is also a ferry service in the summer (from Cawsand beach to Plymouth Hoe) and a pilot gig club (Rame Gig Club).


No Rame Wind Turbines!